Betty Foy Sanders Student Travel Fund

The Betty Foy Sanders Study Abroad Award is a competitive funding opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a Georgia Southern University (GSU) study abroad program. This scholarship financially supports students who will benefit from study abroad, yet are hindered from affording the international experience due to the substantial expense. Funding is awarded first and foremost on merit. Applicants must demonstrate, in writing, how the opportunity will further growth in their chosen discipline and as a professional in their field. Proposals should be written to highlight the merits of the proposed travel with respect to the student, the discipline, the university, and society.

• Preference will be given for students applying to study abroad programs and courses sponsored by BFSDoArt faculty.
• Travel must take place within the academic year the award is received (including the summer). Note: If travel occurs over the summer: The award may be given for the prospective travel during the preceding spring. Otherwise the award may be given retroactively in the succeeding fall.
• Items Funded (including but not limited to): Study Abroad Program Fees and Travel related expenses in addition to program fees (e.g. mileage, airfare, lodging, museum fees, etc.)
• Scholarship stipend is allocated directly to the student and may be used for program fees, or other on-site expenses such as museum entries, excursions, materials, books or other academic related expenses. (Not travel expenses such as passports or luggage)

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide information about the travel or study abroad program in which you intend to use the funds. Please include your interest in that specific travel experience, what activities/classes you will be taking, what your travel would include, and how the travel experience would benefit your education in art, design, or art history.