Albert Deal Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1988 by Helen Deal in memory of her husband, Dr. Albert Deal. Dr. Deal was born in February of 1914 in Jenkins County, Georgia as the son of a doctor. He graduated from Stateboro High School and went on to attend Georgia Military College before transferring to Georgia Teachers College where he earned his B.S. in Education. Following graduation, he attended the University of Georgia School of Medicine and received his medical degree in 1939. Soon after graduation, he interned at the Medical Center in Jersey City, New Jersey, but it wasn’t long before he was assigned to G.H.Q. in the Southwest Pacific during World War II. During his service in World War II, he was assigned to the Amphibious Training Command under Admiral Barbey. Following his honorable discharge from the Army, Dr. Deal studied surgery at the Graduate School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. He served as a surgeon at numerous hospitals around the country but in 1949, he settled in Statesboro once again. His full biography can be found in “Families of Southeastern Georgia” by Jack N. Averitt. Criteria for determining eligibility for the Albert Deal Nursing Scholarship include the applicant’s academic record, personal character and demonstrated talents. The scholarship is open to full time students who are enrolled in the GSU nursing program.

Albert M. Deal Nursing Scholarship