Chatham Artillery Scholarship

The Chatham Artillery has played a leading part in the history of its city, state, and the nation since the Revolutionary War. In 1776 the Georgia Patriots authorized Thomas Lee to enlist a provincial company of artillery for the defense of Savannah—the first such unit in Georgia’s history. Commanded by Joseph Woodruff when the British attacked Savannah, this company defended the right flank of the Patriot forces. Fraser’s Highlanders suddenly emerged up out of the swamp captured the city. In 1785 the volunteer company of artillery at Savannah re-organized under the command of CPT Edward Lloyd. In 1786 Lloyd’s artillery company adopted the date of 1 May, St. Tammany’s Day, as its anniversary date in honor of the patron saint of the American Militia. From 1786 to 1791 the Savannah Artillery undertook successive campaigns against renegades in the swamps along the Savannah River in what was known as Sharper’s Insurrection. In addition, beginning in 1787 and lasting until the Treaty of Coleraine in 1796, the Savannah Artillery Company found itself in almost constant field service against Creek warriors during the Oconee Wars. In 1791 President George Washington made his Southern Tour, and the Artillery Company greeted him at Savannah. When he first observed the company, Washington exclaimed, “They are the boys for me!” As the final event, a grand banquet under an arbor on the commons feted the president. Washington himself gave the 13th and last toast, “The present dexterous Corps of Artillery.” This arbor banquet proved to be the inspiration for the design of the Great Seal of Georgia a few years later. In 1792 Washington presented the Savannah Artillery two pieces of ordnance, one a French piece that Lafayette had brought over during the Revolution, and the other a British piece captured at Yorktown.

In 1793 the Savannah Artillery changed its name to the Chatham Artillery.

Purpose the Chatham Artillery Scholarship Endowment is to support students currently serving or who have served in the Georgia Army National Guard or dependents of those who are currently serving or have served in the Georgia Army National Guard. Priority given to students currently serving in Georgia Army National Guard followed by students who formerly served in the Georgia Army National Guard followed by dependents of those who are currently serving or have served in the Georgia Army National Guard. Student must be in good academic standing. Scholarship may be renewed. Committee may select one (1) or two (2) recipients; if two (2) recipients are selected then the available award amount will be split equally between both recipients.

Chatham Artillery Scholarship Endowment