Sandra L. Gallemore Endowment

The Sandra L. Gallemore Endowment was established in 2010 by Dr. Sandra L. Gallemore and the Southern Academy of Women in Physical Activity, Sport, and Health. Born in 1942 in Washington, Dr. Gallemore graduated from North Central High School in 1960. She went on to earn her B.S. from Washington State University in 1964, her M.S. from Smith College in 1969, and her Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina in 1979. From 1964 to 1974, Dr. Gallemore worked within different public schools and universities within the state of Washington until she relocated to Georgia Southern in 1979 to become an assistant professor. In 1990, Dr. Gallemore became the acting associate dean of the graduate school was named professor emeritus in 1999. She has many publications under her name and is a member of over thirteen organizations. The scholarship should be used preferably for graduate students in physical education/kinesiology or a related field of study for professional development opportunities. Preference should be given to graduate students pursuing a Master of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Physical Education. Second preference should be given to any graduate student pursuing any emphasis within the MS Kinesiology degree.

Sandra L. Gallemore Endowment
Supplemental Questions
  1. As part of your curriculum, are you required to attend any type of professional conferences or seminars? If yes, please list them.