Rose Mae Bogan Millikan ('59) and her son Lee Berger (‘90)

Rose Mae Bogan Millikan ('59) and her son Lee Berger (‘90)

Rose Millikan (’59) comes from a family of educators, so the importance of scholarship is especially important to the retired Georgia Southern math professor. Her parents taught biochemistry, English and business courses at several universities and Millikan herself received degrees in math, chemistry and art. In addition to teaching math from 1984-1999 at Georgia Southern, she also encouraged many young students to pursue careers in math and science.

After retiring from a career that she truly loved, Millikan found a renewed purpose: endowing scholarships that support her passion for education.

Millikan has established three scholarships at Georgia Southern: the Herman Lee and Wordna Isabelle Bogan Scholarship for Science or Math Education Majors, named for her parents; the Rose Mae Bogan Millikan Scholarship for Science or Math Education Majors; and the Dr. Lee Rogers Berger Scholarship in Anthropology, created jointly with her son, Lee Berger (‘90).

“Students pursuing a teaching career should have some assistance,” she explained about the reason for establishing the first two scholarships, which are designated for a non-traditional junior or senior level student with a minimum 3.0 GPA. “I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to attend college, and I am glad that I have been able to help,” she added.

Millikan felt very strongly about establishing the third scholarship, which recognizes anthropology students. “When Lee decided to pursue his studies in anthropology, I encouraged him and I also gave him this piece of advice: if you are the best at what you want to be, you will enjoy it and be happier with your life. Just be the best in paleoanthropology!” An internationally recognized paleoanthropologist, Berger is a professor at South Africa’s University of the Witwatersrand and has made significant scientific discoveries, including those of the earliest human ancestral skeletons.

In addition to the scholarships, Millikan’s continued support of the University includes donating the first sculptured eagle for the Eagle Nation on Parade public arts project supporting student scholarships and undergraduate research initiatives as well as donating sculptures and paintings exhibited at the College of Liberal Arts.